About the Company

Theatre RO.GI.NARAE[loginare](since 1997)


The name of the Theatre, RO.GI,NARAE, consists of the following three words,

such as RO[], GI[], and NARAE[나래], which RO means ‘reality’, GI indicates ‘dream’ and ‘ideal’, and also NARAE refers to ‘a bridge connecting reality (RO) and ideal (GI).


We will provide a chance to meet the dream and the ideal together with the puppets on the stage.


Therefore, you will be able to see our more specific appearances on the stage of Theatre RO.GI.NARAE.  And also, there exists the dream and the ideal on them.


Theatre RO.GI.NARAE, founded in 1997 by the name of ‘Bada'[which means ‘sea’] is a professional theater group, having the most talented members with years of experience, while seeking much broader world of puppetry by communicating our core competences with other artistic fields as well as developing brand-new types of puppet shows under our continuous efforts of experiments.


We hope to create good memories with precious friends through our performances with beauty, which provides all of you with Narae, that is, wings on your minds.



Name of the company: Theatre Ro.Gi.Narae
Address: 692 Bokjeong-dong, Sujeong-gu Seongnam-si Gyeonggi-do, KOREA(Republic of)
Post code: 461-831
Phone: 82-31-722-0807 Mobile: 82-10 – 3779-5177
Email: ogi223@hanmail.net
Contact Person: Joonho Pack : 82-10-3667-7440
Email:  ogi223@hanmail.net